Collection of 25 "La Baionnette" Magazines from World War I

French Soldier Humor Magazines, 1916 Editions

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Twenty-five issues of La Baionnette" ( Bayonette ) French humor magazines from the Great War (1914 to 1918), (World War I). The magazines are complete with their art work, drawings and articles. Magazines are12-1/4" high by 9- 1/4" wide. Museum quality. These magazines date from the early part of World War I and they are in remarkable condition. They have been stored during this period in a dry environment as there is not trace of foxing or musty smell to the paper. The subscription stamp on these magazines "Charles Brodeur", who is believed to be the well known Ottawa (Canada) architect at the turn of the 20th Century.

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10 August 1916 11 May 1916  29 June 1916
6 April 1916  12 October 1916  18 May 1916


'La Baionnette' is a magazine that was introduced in France during the Great War, (World War I) to cater to soldiers' sense of humor. It was patterned after other humorous Parisian print magazines by introducing eye-catching and colorful illustrations both on the cover pages as well as inside. It contained large-sized cartoons, drawings and illustrations as well as short stories, commentaries and articles. It contained material by the leading commercial artists of the day such as Herouard, Fabiano, ,Icart, Hautot, Leonnec and many others

Most issues of La Baionnette were built around a common theme, 'War and Women' - issues familiar with it readers at the time. The humor was typical to that day and age and was not vindictive toward the German enemy and at the same time remaining fiercely patriotic.

2 November 1916
24 August 1916  20 July 1916
1 June 1916  15 June 1916  14 September 1916


21 September 1916 3 August 1916 17 August 1916
7 September 1916 31 August 1916 5 October 1916 


19 October 1916  20 April 1916  6 July 1916 
26 October 1916  20 July 1916  8 June 1916 


22 June 1916


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